Welcome welcome welcome! I know I know – I overuse the word “awesome” these days, but I also tend to overuse the phrases “please” and “thank you.”  So, thank you for visiting, and please entertain my writing exercises on things I consider awesome.

So here’s the deal:

I will seek out “extremely impressive or daunting” things and post a blurb daily (or as close to daily as life allows). All topics will be in alphabetical order and will be only one paragraph or shorter. Hopefully with each post, I become a better writer, and you are reminded that stirring things are happening around you.

Just click on the BLOG option up there on the right (if you are on laptop or PC). I think the BLOG option is on the upper left on tablets and in the Menu option if you are on your phone. Either way, I hope you enjoy my stuff.

AND… let me know what you consider awesome. I really want to experience that (unless it’s something like swimming with Great White Sharks or eating something that could be potentially poisonous – in those cases, I will take your word for it). Seriously.

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